Attractive Prices

You purchase your service directly from the service provider in Saigon IT Partner without any agent in between; as well as take advantage of the cost benefit of the emerging market of Vietnam without being forced to abandon German quality and German contact individuals.

High Quality Assurance

Benefits through our two-phased quality assurance. Phase One will be carried directly thanks to our CAD-experts.
During phase Two, your plans will be checked by our plausible engineers, therefore even the tiniest discrepancies will be spotted and fixed.

Precise Vectorising

Precise vectorising is a manual process – in order to get the best-possible quality with a reasonable amount of work and money. Further more, precise copying by hand is the only possible way.
Due to our Advanced Service package, your plans will be check through our engineers beforehand in which its content should be recorded. After that, your plans will be copied by hand through our CAD-experts. We do not use any “automated vectorising”, you would only get the most precise vectorisation from us.

German Management

High quality and good service can only be delivered if the important interfaces are able to communicate without any language barriers. Our management team, with many years of experience in international service field under its belt, has consequently put this philosophy into practice in our company. From the initial contact in the sale department via the process definition to the quality management department, all key positions are occupied by German-speaking managers. During meetings with customers, processes will be worked out in German or English, documented and put into practice accordingly.
Another noticeable point in our management is aiming at quality organized by a professional processed system located in Quang Trung Software City – often also called the Silicon Valley of Vietnam, an attractive place for young engineers.


Delivery Managerment

Even when your time is limited, we have the right solution for you!
Select one of three delivery packages, we will deliver absolutely on guaranteed -schedule!
Standard delivery: Here, you will get your A0- Plan back and convert them within 72 hours!
Express delivery: you are in a hurry? You will get your Cad-Plans back and convert them within 48 hours!
Next day delivery: Things are extremely urgent?  Ordering until 10 A.M, you will get your Cad-Plans back and convert them by 8 P.M at the latest of the following day.

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